Saturday, April 21, 2012

Reflection of Our Lesson

1. Khadijah and I prepared for the lesson a couple of different ways. First both me and Khadijah worked on the lesson plan together. We shared ideas with one another compromising each of our good ideas into the lesson. We also went out to buy materials for our lesson together splitting the cost. Khadijah and I also practiced presenting our lesson to our teammate to help prepare. We also worked to develope and create our work sheets, discipline chart and rules together. 2.SWAT- 1. Answer comprehension questions while collectively reading the story as a class. I feel as though I could have asked the students real comprehension questions rather then asking them prediction questions and questions to see whether they liked the story or not. So I should have focused more on real comprehension questions about the story. There no real way for me to assess that correctly. SWAT- 2. Create their own plant. I think for the most part this was a success students were able to create their plants with their group and put them on the window sill to grow. The assesment was successful SWAT- 3. Complete sequential order worksheet on the seven days of the week. In the lesson plan we should have added that we would go around and check the worksheet in order for students to earn a sticker the worksheet must be correct. 3.Our lesson plan was almost executed as planned other than me not asking comprehension questions while reading the story to really get an idea of whether students understood or not. Also we adjusted the way that students planted their plants, having a member from the group come up and do one step at a time instead of passing out the materials to each group. 4.The most important thing we taught our students was the seven days of the week in sequential order starting with Sunday and ending with Saturday. 5. I think it went very well. I think the song, the story, the calendar in the front of the class and the worksheet all were a successful way to teach the seven days of the week to our first grade class. 6. I learned that if we have an ESL student to link them up with a more advanced student to help them with their work but to continue to speak to them in English in order for them to catch on and learn. Also for the teacher to help the student write their name and things like that. Also that depending on your first grade class students may not be ready for messy materials like dirt and water to be passed out to them, that they may need to come to the front of the class to use materials with the teachers assistance. 7. I would have asked comprehension questions. Also i would have passed out small calendars of the month we were in for students to revert back to and even decorate. I would also have another activity for students to do as members from each group came up to plant their seeds. All of these adjustments would have made my lesson more effective. 8. To improve my lesson I wouldn't let my frustration show due to bad behavior, I wouldn't use "you guys" so much, that's a bad habit and maybe add in an activity or two to keep them busy.
Here is a picture of me and my partner Rich's 5th grade bulletin board on black history month back in February. Our theme was a small matching the name to the face game that students could participate in to help memorize and learn all the names of the important black history leaders.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Partner For Languge Arts Lesson Plan

My partner is Khadijah Young and our book is Jasper's Beanstalk

Today is Friday, which is super exciting for me and most college students lol. Anyways I enjoyed myself for the most part last class becoming a blogger. I learned what a wordle is and how to create it and today we will be talking about something called a glogster which also seems pretty interesting. I think that if these small technological assignments can be so fun and creative to college students like us, our students in the classroom will love this.